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What are NRI Youth Clubs?

NRI Youth Service Clubs are student-led service clubs which provide their members with opportunities to be involved in community service oppurtunities that benefit both their local communities as well as underpriveledged people in India. Each year, 50% of our time will be spent working on many local service projects, and 50% of our time will be spent raising funds and awareness for projects in India. As a group, we will identify one or two big service projects that we would like to help execute in India, and we will be working on these projects for the rest of the year.

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Develop Initiative and Leadership

By starting a NRI Youth club at your school or community, you are already exhibiting initiative and leadership skills. We would like to further develop these skills by allowing students to indentify the projects that they would like to work on and raise funds for them independently.

Help Underpriveledged in India

As NRI Youth, we should never forget where our roots are from. That being said, there are many underpriveledged people in India who do not have access to the educational oppurtunites and routine services that we often take for granted, so we should help give these people access to these things.

Serve Our Local Communities

Similar to underpriveledged people across the world, there are people in our own communities who need our help. There are many oppurtunities for us to volunteer locally, whether it be at a local soup kitchen, food bank, old-age home, orphanage, homeless shelter, etc.

Promote Indian Culture and Festivals

We would like to create a positive impression of Indian communities in America through our local philanthropic activities. For example, NRI Youth runs the annual Diwali Food Drive, through which we raise over 30,000 lbs of food every year for local food pantries in the spirit of Diwali.

Develop Platform for Networking

Students who start or join an NRI Youth Club will automatically be connected to other students who have done the same. As a result, we will all be able to share ideas and knowledge with one another, and we will ultimately be able to help each other in our future endeavors.

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